5 Essential Cases of Use of Marketing Banners

In 2018, more than 281 billion* e-mails were sent each day around the world! Don’t let this new channel to communicate pass you by any longer and boost your notoriety by adding a marketing banner to your email signatures.

To help you in this deployment of this new communication campaign, let’s unveil 5 opportunities to take advantage of this channel.

Highlight an event

At a trade show, open house or afterwork, give visibility to all your events by inviting your contacts to join! Benefit from an integrated link in your images to lead your audience to a registration form or to the page of your event.

For a launch

Quickly increase traffic to your website by broadcasting to your employees your current news.  The banner in your email is ideal to communicate the launch of new products, a new site or a new identity and of course any other cases!


Broadcast your commercial offers

Do you want to influence your sales in the short term? Don’t wait any longer and share your promotions of all genres: bonuses, coupons, trial offer, sales, …

Collect feedback

A must for improving customer satisfaction and your services, the survey is an important moment for any business. Make sure you get the most returns by distributing your questionnaires in your email signatures!

Build a qualified prospect base

Reinforce your inbound marketing actions by redirecting your contacts to a landing page with content that will attract them accordingly to their profile (contests, white papers, etc.) Collect information from them by using a form to turn them into qualified leads.

*Radicati Group

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