5 reasons to choose Letsignit

Besides being the simplest email signature manager
for Office 365, Exchange and G Suite…

01. A signature for every need.

The simplest solution to assign several signatures to several employees. We know your employees sometimes have to navigate different roles or switch languages. Why not use a solution that can keep up? 

multiple email signatures for employees

02. Boost your campaigns in a targeted way.

Capitalize on every email sent by diffusing your communication campaigns through your email signatures. Import, schedule and track your banners to reach your most important audience. The right message, is always sent to the right person, at the right time. 

03. Only 3 clicks to sync your information.

Azure, local, or GSuite – your directory is fully linked with Letsignit. Every new employee, name change, or company-wide update is automatically reflected in your signatures & on the Letsignit platform. 

04. Create groups to better target your audience.

Letsignit is the only solution that allows you to go beyond your directory groups and create ultra-precise segmentations within the platform. Optimize the target of your campaigns to improve your actions.

05. A workspace for your subsidiaries.

Assign different levels of admin rights & give workspaces to your branches so that they can create, allocate and manage email signatures to their own preferences

Managing subsidiary email signatures

Reading 1 through 5, you can see why
200,000 users chose Letsignit for their email signatures.
Don’t wait any longer & see for yourself!

A price that
fits your needs.


Standardization & management

Starter price Harmonize your signatures
from templates & deploy them
your team email clients.


STARTER + Campaign promotion

Business Price $1 Design your signatures & manage marketing campaigns for your team email clients.

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