Letsignit, Color of the year!

Pantone’s 2019 color of the year reflects optimism

Since 2000, Pantone has been honoring a new color from its color chart that inspires all the major manufacturers and publishers.
Pantone unveiled the color of the year 2019: the ‘living Coral’

We continue to surf the trends!
Designers, interior designers, stylists … The main color chosen by Letsignit will be everywhere.
Vivifying, radiant, energizing … so many qualifiers that are good to the complexion of Letsignit!

An authentic experience
The Trends Research Institute believes that the “coral color embodies lightness and promotes joyful activities” *

So, have fun with your email signatures and give them some pep!

Letsignit is the solution to easily manage your employees’ email signatures, distribute your brand and boost your marketing operations.
Do not wait any longer 😊 Give your email signatures color!

Color of the year
Press release HERE

* Living coral | Source

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